Egyptian2.jpgAs the heat rises from the desert sands, the shimmering haze gives way to what looks like mountains on the horizon. Instead, they are magnificent stone pyramids of unfathomable size. Beyond them stretches a great river, winding through a thicket of lush palm trees. A flock of blue birds flutters overhead, soaring over paradise. This is Egypt. Land of the Pharaohs. Home of the Living Gods.


Egyptians hail from an oasis amidst a wasteland, taking great pride in their cultural heritage. Tall and lean, their skin ranges from sandy brown to black. Their hair is inherently black, though they wear it in a myriad of styles to reflect their status or personality. Egyptians are enamored with gold, and even the lowest class citizens tend to wear some golden trinket of jewelry. Their clothes are frequently white and simple, though vibrant colors as diverse as a rainbow are fairly common. The desert people regularly wear black eye makeup, both for aesthetics and to reduce glare from the sun.


As the oldest culture in the Mediterranean region, Egyptians have a long and rich heritage. Their faith in their pantheon of gods, known as the Ennead, is nearly unshakeable. Egyptians believe the gods not only exist, but walk among them as mortal rulers. These Pharaohs demand absolute loyalty, which the people eagerly bestow. This devotion to their beliefs has drawn both admiration and criticism from foreigners, who often consider them prideful or blind. Throughout their history they have been known as vengeful enemies and stalwart allies, with their great military prowess famed throughout the known world.


Egyptians have always nurtured a thirst to explore, whether as traders, diplomats or conquerors. They may venture from the great Nile for any reason, looking forward to regaling their friends and family with what they have learned and experienced. Their underlying motive is the hunt for knowledge, which is of utmost importance to all Egyptians.


Egyptians are indifferent to most other cultures. Even those with uneasy histories are deemed below notice to most Egyptians. While their pride can often repulse others, Egyptians hold little animosity toward anyone.

  • Africans. “Those from the South and Great West are strong in body, but weak in mind. Still, they have their uses. They fight with honor, and that is admirable.”
  • Carpathians. “The Horsemen have the strength of the Spartans and savagery of the Assyrians. Fortunately they have the intellect of a jackal, and pose our people no threat.”
  • Greeks. “Never have I seen such beauty outside Kepet, nor such brutality. The Greeks wield more power and potential than they know how to handle.”
  • Persians. “The desert riders think themselves our betters, but we are much alike. Their empire is vast, but people divided. They rarely keep their word, so those that do should be treasured.”
  • Phoenicians. “Phoenicians are a scattered people, but peaceful. They yearn for art, craft and gold. All worthy causes. On the waves of the sea, no sailor is finer.”


Egyptians generally have a single name, a combination of a deity’s name and a descriptive word. These are sometimes changed by the individual later in life to reflect a dogma or new position. Males are often named for their fathers, with a numerical surname to indicate their position in the lineage.

  • Male Names: Akhet, Amenhotep, Bakare, Djahi, Djeti, Gebal, Henku, Imhotep, Ka, Khafre, Khufu, Menkaure, Montu, Nebwabi, Peret, Ptahotep, Qenbet, Ramases, Rensi, Shefuru, Teti, Upuaut, Wadjet
  • Female Names: Alasi, Amenti, Ammit, Ba’ah, Bisu, Gersi, Hapiru, Heru, Kahl, Ma’at, Meskheret, Nagat, Nefertiti, Nekhbet, Quadesh, Sah, Sakkara, Sekhmet, Shena, Tenenu, Ubasti, Zaru


Egyptians have refined their skills and abilities with divine grace and delicate precision.
Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom Score increases by 2.
Alignment. Egyptians vary greatly and don’t favor a particular alignment. The best and worst can be found among them.
Size. Egyptians stand between 5’5"-6’1" on average and weigh between 140-180 lbs.
Languages. You can speak , read and write Egyptian and Greek. Their handwritten language, hieroglyphics, is often very difficult for outsiders to decipher – but Egyptians themselves have no trouble with other languages.
Weapon Proficiencies. You are proficient with short swords, sickles and whips.
Subculture. Egyptians are essentially categorized by the region of their birth, either Lower Egypt or Upper Egypt. Choose one of these subcultures.


As a Lower Egyptian, you hail from the prosperous North. You are more accustomed to the lush economy and temperate weather, and may come from a position of wealth and power. This fosters a sense of entitlement which may be difficult to overcome.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Golden Coffers. Your starting wealth, as calculated by your class, is doubled.


As an Upper Egyptian, you hail from the arid South. You are accustomed to labor and toil, the likes of which many to the North tend to disregard. As such you are self-made and taught, creating a fierce spirit of independence.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Tools of the Trade. You gain proficiency in any one weapon, tool or kit of your choice.


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